no pictures

its amazing ,i had a very exciting weekend in asheville doing one of my favorite art shows and for got my sim card to put in my camera so the only documentation i have is recorded in my head...
so all my experiences will be gathered and wriiten down on paper to later go back and look at sometime or rather not look but read....
i had a great show lots of people stopped by my booth shared lots of kindness thanks so much.
i met some really nice inspiring people.
i had some really good food falefel tofu and hummus
oh yes and i got lost on saturday night and didnt get to eat, very frustrating.
i was able to spend some time with one of my bffs heaven and her husband so good to see them.
oh yea i was able to see my friend from middle school clara who comes to visit me from morganton each year.
i had really nice neighbors who made my 3 10 hour days enjoyable.
i met some really great artist and was able to share and give information with.
i love asheville and im going back soon not to work but to eat and shop.
even though it was hot as you know what i cant wait till next year.....
thanks to all who made my show a success.....


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