i finally hit a breaking point with traveling and working and everything. wow it comes out of the blue and you know that you have totally extended your self to the limits.

but i persevered as a good friend of mine put it. and i pushed through it and made it out the other side. so now i have 3 days till i leave for nashville. OMG so i hope i dont have another breakdown and i am more mentally prepared im trying but i have alot of work to do in the next 3 days.

i made a list of some thoughts i had while at this show i was in this past weekend. the one good thing about it was i was right across the way from a live band called the honeycutters from asheville if not for that i would of probably gone completely crazy.

music puts me in a different state of mind and i forget all the things that bother me. especially live good music i could listen all day long. and actually thats what i did all day long.
ok so here is what i wrote :

look ahead

new stories

let the past go

dont let others control your thoughts

dont assume anything

its all about the experience frees your mind

music feeds your soul

choose to be happy

dont let others make you feel lonely

lonely is a 6 letter word

dont say to much

write down your thoughts

make sure you give back

dont think about it

a broken heart heals slowly

creative people feel things deeply

deep down inside i know true love doesnt last

enjoy your children

dont give up

look forward to the new

dont keep everything inside

fear nothing.


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