happy spring

Ive neglected my blog. Others are so good at it. oh well my new painting will take care of that its going to say ..dont wish to be anything but what you are. and be that the best u can be...blogging is not one of my specialties..ive never been a really creative writer that draws you in. i wish that i was though, okay here i go again..
so whats been going on in my world well weve had birthdays christian turned 3 i turned 41.
i had an awesomwe time in Florida for my grandmothers 90th. thats her and my aunt above.
i was able to connect with some cousins and other family it was very nice to get away.

we made it through the winter just barley i felt like the world was coming to an end without
doing any artshows.
now ive over booked my self i have 6 in a row its either feast or famine around here. ha ha
so right now its feast. i just finished up my first big show and it was great, sold 2 originals im so happy about that. along with all my other cards, bookmarks, pendants, vintage boards, giving stones, etc.
i used my new tent for the first time it took me an hour and half to get it up...okay so hopefully i get better at it. im starting to ramble on i better check out for now . im doing well and hope all you other artist and crafters are as well, let me know how your new year is going love to hear from you take care.


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