true to yourself

thats pretty much what i have been lately true to myself and to myself for that matter. i surely havent blogged this is the time of the year that i dont have alot of time sit around and surf and see what others are up too. im pretty much into my own thing.

im actually getting ready to board a flight to west palm in the morning to celebrate my grandma 90th birthday. can t wait going by myself wish hubby was going but we couldnt swing it.

i did post my new designs truth and voice which are available on my website. i love how they turned out.

hope everyone is doing good. i will keep in touch periodically.

i forgot to mention free shipping in shop for the month of march and free truth pendant for all orders over 35.00. thanks


ahhh... To thy own self be true .... great words to live by.

Tell your Grams happy 90th! so cool! My grandma will be 94 in July. Have a happy and safe trip. Take all the pictures you can of you and her... memories are priceless.

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