its friday

yes these days are always good days for some reason when sunday rolls around im always looking back to friday and saying i wish it were here again.

i had a rough night last night, my eyes are swollen from the crying i couldnt get to sleep and i have a huge decision to make. im not sure what to do but im on my way to the gym and i hope that after an intense workout i will have a clear mind and i will know exactly what to do. well maybe not exactly but im hopeing i will have a clear mind and know thati will me making the right decision.

so yesterday i read my bible and i looked up guidance i found such inspiration , it carried me through the day.

God fills your conscience with the perfect truth- He teaches your mind, directs your will and guides your emotions.

Like a flashlight your were designed to shine, but one can never shine with your own power. The Holy Spirit provides the power to produce light.

so often we try to make decisions on our own im very quilty of this. i really need direction and im relying on faith that the right decision will be made.

have a good weekend and dont be afraid to ask for help he knows the truth.


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