gabbys birthday was monday she turned 14. thats my mom with her we celebrated on sat. she had about 10 friends and we did a scavenger hunt it was fun for them. i was exhausted a five hour birthday party then driving for and hour and a half to drop everyone off. OMG

my birthday is coming in 2 weeks i will be 41 and christians is two weeks later he will be 3. so all these birthdays..

havent been doing to much work stuff my mom duties seem to be taking over. not sure how this is going to work hopefully will be having my first art show for the year in about 5 weeks from now.

yes i have asick one at home today so we are trying to clean and get ready for a nap so i can work some.

hope everyone is getting alot done. talk to you soon


aaahhhh... I remember being 14. wouldn't it be fun to go back and do a few things better or different? Your kids are adorable.

I've been sick right along with my almost 4 year old for the last 2 and a half weeks! It just keeps hanging on. Hope yours gets to feeling better real quick. Keep us updated on your art show, is there anything you can show us early? Good luck!

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