its time

i feel like its been forever, im neglecting my blog so many things have happened since the last time. one funny thing a couple of blogs ago i mentioned my husband and him not reading my blog well he read it that next day ironically. whatever i didnt say anything too bad.

i have started working on some new designs i have 2 out of 5 done im saving until they all get done to reveal. that should be exciting. im going to send out a news letter with some fresh new stuff. by the way my deadline is friday. OMG

im still trying to finish a questionnaire for a blog that i still havent gotten done. thats bad. i feel like i procrastinate but i get tired of doing stuff. with 4 kids all home it can be pretty busy. sometimes i just sit and stare and then i feel bad im not folding the 5 loads of laundry piled in my closet. oh well.

im trying to keep up with my work priorities i can feel myself slacking i need to go back to my list or write it all on my hand so i dont forget.

i wish i was going to atlanta for the gift show oh well lets put that on our list for july or next jan.

i have found some inspiration for my lifestyle these days and thats day by day if i can just take everything day by day and not try to think of month or year which i tend to do .it overwhelms me. if i can just get through one day to next i will be okay.

i hope everyone else is keeping up with their new goals for the year. i will be back soon.


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