embrace life

ive been away from the computer for a while if anything i tweet every now and then but for blogging ive neglected this duty. what better day than friday to write these are always happy days because the weekend is here.

ive been busy with the kids and doing my daily chores. im able to do some work in between... filling orders and making product, i made 2 new giving stones in the mix love the words. im thinking of starting some more paintings, since the last 4 i havent been back into the paints.

i was featured on a blog recently a cool marketing chic i met on twitter. she has an etsy site and is a consultant. okay yeah so no comments thats okay ummmmmmm may be like me she doesnt have alot of traffic to her site. but yes iam thankful to be fearured.

this time of the year goes by so slow for me i have lots of things i could be doing but id rather be in a nice warm place selling my art oh well im hoping it goes by fast that is feb and march.....okay so only 2 more months 2 go.

ive been applying for some of my fave shows i had to take a pic of my studio again so i cleaned up and believe me its a small area no one is allowed past the invisible line on the carpet. my 2 year old loves to play with my stuff but i get real angry and he says hes helping me fix things...sometimes i let him sit at my desk with his paints and he loves it, he pretends he is me and and yells "stay away from my things." ha ha

today im suppose to be working on my jan. newsletter wow only a few days left in jan. i think i blogged about that last time. okay so you see i dont get to work as much as needed. hopefully i can do that today. hope everyone has a great weekend..stay positive... and embrace life the good and the bad. new prints available now.


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