dont compare

i know i shouldnt compare myself to others because have no idea what their journey consist of. but sometimes its still hard.

another person on twitter says it perfectly: in order to make it as an artist you have to be at the right place at the right time. thats so true. ive done a few things that if i would of done them right the first time i may be in a better position than im in now. meaning being in the right venue at the atlanta gift show, instead of being in the wrong place for 3 years in a row and now i know i should of been in the handmade sectiom. oh well whatever. my journey is winding and i quess curvy.

i finished my 4 paintingsthat i have been working on for the last 2 weeeks. wow that took forever. now ive got to market and make things. i have some wholesale accounts in trying to fill for some local coffee shops and gift shops. okay so things arent so bad.

im trying to organize myself to apply for some upcoming shows thats a pain. i took pics this weekend so i can be ready to send stuff out on tuesday.

im always thinking of different things thati can do. so those of you who are artist and paint but dont have the resouces or time to make products, im offering my services to get a package of products to you. i make magnets, givingstones, prints, bookmarks pendants, notecards, posters 16x20. vintage boards. you can look on my website to seeif you are interested. im thinking of going intomy own manufacturing co. and make my own gift line and incorporte other artist and their designs to sell all over the us. kindof like Natural life if youve ever heard of them. but back to the package im charging 75.00 for a few of all the products more details just shoot me an email and definetly check out my website. it really makes a difference when your art is put into several different products for people to chose from. they will atleast buy something if they like your stuff, plus it gives them different price points.

okay so on another note my 2 year old is so busy im really spending alot of time keeping him occupied boys are nonstop. OMG work is a foreign work when he is at home and not in preschool. so all you artist that get to work with no interuptions take advantage. but all of us moms that do have the interruptions well when it comes down to it they do grow up fast and boy at two they are so cute. i could squeeze him over and over.

so to the artist that has everything going for her right now, which there is a certain one im talking about you have all the success right now but i woulnt replace it for my kids...she doesnt have kids so yes your journey might be a little different.....


man o man I understand about making art at home while raising a boy! I've just recently got mine to join me in my studio, but he is so fickle. Not ready to paint when I am.. haha ... I keep reminding myself he will never be this age again :)

It sounds like you have a lot going for you in this art world! I have been rather discouraged myself. I think in terms of the big scale and I'm not even making peanuts! I feel I have to compete with the prices that some other artists set on their Etsy stuff (which I know I really shouldn't do either) and think how are they even covering costs let alone making any money? I don't understand it.

I guess we just have to keep on plugging through, right? And wow, you are right... your son is a doll baby! look at those eyes! how could you resist?!
Hi hun - First of all, lots of hugs!! I can SO remember having to take care of a 2 year old while trying to create. I'm a single mom of 3 - always have been - so I've always had kids "underfoot" while trying to create. OMG I know you don't want to hear this, but now that my 2 boys are teenagers (16 & 13), they are worse than 2 year olds, if you can believe that! (Especially my oldest!) I call them "childebeasts" for a reason! lol

Second, I know it's so hard not to compare yourself - I'm guilty of doing that. A lot. And I actually read your RT of that artist's statement - and RTed it myself - because it's so darn right. Frustrating for those of us at the wrong place, isn't it?? I'm always at the airport when my ship comes in. (sigh)

Would you mind emailing me? I'd like to talk to you about what you're doing...and if you're anything like me, brain drain has set in from taking care of kids and trying to stay semi-organized in life, so two heads are always better than one! ;)

Just know you aren't alone...and as hard as it seems when they're small, they grow up so fast. I never believed it - and thought people who said that were absolutely WACKY - but it's true. It seems like just yesterday my oldest was 2, pouring 2 10-lb bags of flour, a 5-lb bag of sugar, and every spice in my cabinet, ALL over the living room floor. (Everything was in boxes because we'd moved - and I was so exhausted, I'd fallen he took advantage of the time to, um, "decorate" in his own way. lol)

Hope to hear from you soon!


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