the view

im really not able to see the view right now but i do know that iam blessed to have what i have and to do what i do. i just know there are moments that we go through where it seems that nothing is going right for us. right now my climb seems very steep and winding. i also know that things could be alot worse and i should be thankful.
im never going to give up and im going to climb until i see the view, the interesting thing is once i get there i will then strive for another view, so lesson to be learned you will always be on your own little journey so take in and enjoy and be thankful... this pendant will be available soon. wearing it tonight to my art show....


Sharri said…
I love it. You are so right...gotta go through the valley to reach the mountain. Keep up the good work and keep the faith!
i love this michelle!!!!! love the fact that she has long legs!!! the climb will be faster for sure.....have fun tonight on your show!!!

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