rush rush rush

i must say i havent bought one gift and i have 3 kids and a step daughter. im not a great shopper i have to look and look until i find the best deal and something has to be the right gift i cannot just go out and buy. im not really into the holidays like some people are. i get overwhelmed and off schedule with all this stuff, its like all of sudden everything is rushed and busy. the older i get the less my body can handle it i have to be very peaceful to get my work accomplished . i just offered BOGO half off on my website. that was very stressful because i launched the newsletter right before dinner the other night and complications arose. i know not to do that again at that time. im still learning.

i did this original painting for a customer that is getting married tomorrow from atlanta. they were so nice and happy about this painting. i wish them well 2morrow. prints available in my shop.

happy holidays.
christmas cards to send out. cookies to bake. preschool luncheons. choir concerts. basketball practice. shopping. anniversary. homework. work. BREATHE


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