these days go by fast!!!!!!!!!!!

It takes me a long time to recover from shows only because i have 3 kids of them is 2 and thats all i have to say. my mom and i went to atlanta to do the marist show we had a great time and sold lots of stuff. now i have 2 days to get ready to do the mistletoe market in raleigh. yeah. this has been a hectic week, alot of personal issues with things so my life is hectic. i was not able to finish up my newsletter this week which was first on my calendar. Christian was sick and is still i had to go to court today and the kids are out of school tomorrow for veterans day. OMG and i still have not been able to go to the grocery store. oh and did i mention i have to leave for raleigh in 3 days . taking things one day at a time. i will post some pics later see im so off right now, you cant blog without pictures.....dahhh!!!!


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