Lots of writing lately

This has been kind of a weird week. ive stepped out of my box of working making things, to working on my new project which is my newsletter and new improved website, not to mention change, i changed the name of my biz from mds designs to Vintage girl designs. click here to get the details on why.

I have a really good friend and hopefully partner that has pushed me and encouraged me to finally get the ball rolling. Ive been so out of it this week because ive been out of my norm, but its been worth it once i see what ive accomplished. i never would take the time before, i always feel like i cant not make things so i can sell.

No one tells you while your studying to be an artist that you also have to be a bussiness person. i have learned alot over the years and still learning. and OMG the marketing, you really have to be good at that and i need lots of help with that. There are so many things you need to do besides create. it would be great if you could create and have the business part taken care of but hopefully one day that dream will come.


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