press, and new packaging

finally getting some exposure a very talented lady contacted me to be featured in a new magazine she is publishing touched creatively . It is done so well and cannot wait to get my copy you can download or by an actual copy pricing is on the website. On wed i will featured in a daily newsletter from waxmama they are featuring my soulfriends design.

in other news im catching up on alot of loose ends and getting ready to paint some new designs with birds, and flowers cant wait.

i also have new packaging for my pendants so they can be ready for wholesaling and i have some really cute packaging that i designed...thats actually my handwriting . i absolutely love handwriting and how it looks in collages so i decided to use and make my own. i will probably be using it alot in my new series..stay sure to check out the websites so you can pass the word along for these new entrepreneurs...thanks


Love the packaging! I will send you my address via email.
Did you get my email? Just making sure it didn't go to your spam folder. :)

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