This is bad i havent blogged in a while I wonder if this means i shouldnt have a blog. I have been going through and doing alot since April. im getting ready for my 5th show in a row. I ve had such a great time getting back to work, i so enjoy doing art shows, i love meeting the people, each show has its own little story that i can take home with me. Ive also been going through some personal issues with child custody from my ex husband we have been divorced for 8 years and we are just now getting it legally done and its not pretty. i hate every minute of it. i feel for those that have to deal with these kinds of things.
On a much lighter note ive actually had some contacts with Co. who want to feature me in their magazines. not good with linking but one is and the other is creatively touched the issues are coming up soon so i will hopefully be able to show you through the blog. my camera is down stairs i need to be in bed so the fact that im even doing this tonight is unheard of after the week ive had so far and its only tues. I hope to catch up soon.


Sorry to hear about the custody situation. I know that is not easy.

But it's great that you've been so busy with shows!

I need to check your show schedule and see if you will be near me anytime. we are in in Maryville Tn, close to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge

I hope your week gets better soon!

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