blue bird

I met a lady at a show that makes these blue birds for $5, ive actually known her for several years now, but this day we were meant to cross paths again. I went up to talk to her and she asked how my kids were and i asked how hers were and she said that her son was now in afganistan and her daughter had passed 2 years ago. that was enough to send chills down my spine and by the time we finished i was balling. she was a jr. in college and she was home for xmas they were getting ready to sit down for dinner and she fainted and never came to again they found out she had something wrong with her heart, that could not of been diagnosed so they had no way of knowing. her story was so inspiring of her daughter and the legacy that she left. she was a christian and had touched many lives that her mother had no idea how much of an impact she made until after she had gone, she has many journals that she left behind so she was able to find out all that her daughter did and was. she invited me over to read them sometime. my mother collects these bluebirds and now i do they have little clay balls inside so they make a noise when you shake them. she told me something that day that i will remember always, ihave a daughter and she is 13 not the easiest age, she said just love her through it, i thought that was pretty straight forward and it put me into perspective for what i go through with her. its a great piece of advice. her website is whiterockpottery i will try to link it later, i suck at linking.


Thank you for posting this. We all need to be reminded to love through the good and the bad times.

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