its friday!

these are pictures of my notecards with matching bookmarks that i displayed at my last show, just thought i would throw that in there. i had wonderful person contact me to see if i would like to be published in her new magazine called creatively touched she found me on etsy and she too has lovely inspirational work
i really like her blog too. she is choosing or has chosen some artist so iam flattered that she chose my artwork. i wish her luck and will be posting info on ways to get the new magazine. i cannot seem to hhtml her blog so its in my inspiration which is called enduring arts you can check it out there. i can spend hours trying to figure out how to work this blog it just takes me forever thats why you see everything i do is very simple on here. i should have payed more attention in my computer class or it may just be i do not have the patience.


I think the new "Balance" design is perfect. Love it.

I'll be looking forward to checking out the magazine.

As for the blog, if you ever want a tutorial, I'd be happy to help. I've been blogging for a long time. Let me know. :)

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