its been a busy weekend it always goes by so fast, i wish it was friday again. this was a picture i took a while back hoping to find some creative things to photo in my house this is in the kitchen. when christian was 6 weeks old we had our pic taken. he is now 2 , but every time i see it im reminded of those soft cuddly, quiet days. now i have to deal with the terrible twos, for those of you who dont know me that well im a soft spoken quiet gentle caring person, im the first to say not a harsh disciplinarian. ive always struggled with the discipline. i just pretty much pick my battles and try to do everything to keep them calm. my husband is just the opposite very strict and it drives me crazy i dont feel that a 2 year old should know how to behave perfectly nor should he be yelled at if he does certain things to me thats not how you teach them. but needless to say we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. i dont know if anyone else deals with this but if you have any suggestion let me know. enjoy your sunday afternoon.
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We have a 3, 2 and 1 year old. I yell daily about hitting, throwing food on the floor and diaper changes. That's about it. I do try to talk calmly unless it is the 10th calm warning. Then I lose it!
sofiaKOLLSTEDT said…
i love my balance are special.....

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