its humpday

hi to anyone reading this, feel like this week is going by fast, maybe because of the snow day. I really cant seem to get much of my work done so im trying to go over in my head where all the time goes especially while christian is in school. he goes at 9am. i have to work out then or i will never get it in, so thats 2 hours with shower and eating then by the time i get together from talking on the phone and checking emails its time to pick him up. then i lay him down for nap. thats 1:30. get started and by 3:30 -4 i have to clean before the big kids come home and then christian is up, then dinner and clean again and again and now its 9:30 and im putting the kids to bed. now brain is fried and i have to return some phone calls and call it a day. and do it all over again 2morrow..just in case you wanted to know what i do.....


Oh, Michelle, that sounds exactly like my day(s). Hope you had a great birthday, too!!!
sofia kollstedt said…
that's my day for sure!!! but remember we are super heroes, we make it happen, we multi-task faster than the speed of light, we conquer...and always do our best...isn't that what life is all about??? when i lay down at night i feel so good when i go over in my head of all the things accomplished.......tomorrow gallery crawl - historic southend - 6-9pm- FREE WINE-come see me;)

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