Im thinking of coming up with a give away for a contest on who has the best idea for my new design which i want to include the word balance but i need something another word or phrase to go along with it. since no one really follows this blog you may have like a 1 and 5 chance. oh well then i would have to decide what the giveaway would be. it could be my new pendant that says inspire? what do you think. oh what the heck lets go ahead and give it a try. so if i hear from you and i like your idea, you get the inspired pendant...i need atleast 5 people...I have a giving stone that says balance, but not a painting i've tried to sketch out a couple of things within the past couple of months but nothing that i really like, so all you need to submit is the wording...i will check back 2morrow 2 see what happens.
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Ok, just off the top of my about 2 birds on a limb or one of the beautiful girls you draw holding something...I will keep thinking...
How about birds on a wire...
When I think of the word balance, I also think of the words peace, tranquility, rest...I could go on. Those are always the good consequences of finding balance for me.

I bought some of your art at a very small art festival in Swansboro, NC some time ago. I was excited to find that you have a blog!
Have you ever seen a sunflower field? I don't know if that can translate into balance but I do love to see them all facing the sun and moving throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky!

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