successful day

okay back to facing my fears I did that today and came out on top. Usually if I go through it over and over in my head it freaks me out and I talk my self out of it..So today i just did it. I ended up getting an order for some giving stones and bookmarks. and I talked to a guy that owned a gallery. I did find out that as an artist to become successful only 10 percent is the art and your talent and the other 90 percent is marketing. wow i kind of knew that, but to hear it again is soo true..Im working on it.....So every thursday is my marketing day I go out and talk to someone and try to sell myself. last thursday i got turned down but thats okay it only makes me stronger (to be rejected) The old me would just not do anything so I had no choice to be rejected but the new me well frankly I dont really care.....I just need to move on to the next.....oh and by the way im doing a new stone that say face your fears...let me if you want one...


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