A New Year

This year is almost over and I only hope that this will be a new start for me. Christian is now 21 months old, gabby is 13 in Feb. Matthew will be 10 this summer. I was going to pursue my masters in teaching this year, but last minute changes have now pushed me to delete that from my agenda. Okay so now, Im back to where I was in the beginning of all this decision making. Which is getting my business back on its feet. I will start doing shows in April and see what happens . There is alot of preperation which is getting photos ready for jury and lots of fees to send out. (Yikes.) I took some pictures today and need to do some more tomorrow. Hopefully by the end of the week i will be ready to mail them out. Im also going to start a new series of collages called "a little inspiration". Well I have alot to do in a little amount of time so I gotta get to work.
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